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Hans Rudolf Manuel (Deutsch) was a painter, designer and poet. Probably apprenticed with Maximilian Wischack in Basel in the early 1540s, he often designed for publishers in that city, although he lived in Bern. Less than a dozen known independent pen drawings and stained-glass designs bear dates (1540-50) and the monogram RMD. He designed greatly acclaimed topographical views of cities for Cosmographia. From 1562 he was governor of Morges in the canton of Waadt.
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Stadsvyer till Sebastian Münsters Kosmographica.

Vortecpan Maps & Prints.

Hooghe, Romeyn de.

ca 1646-1708.
About 1675, shortly before the van Keulen publishing business was set up in Amsterdam, Robijn practised there as a map 'illuminator' and chart seller. After a short association with Johannes van Keulen he acquired publishing rights covering the Zee-Spiegel and Zee Atlas from the widow of Pieter Goos and used the plates to produce his own pilot book and sea atlas. Apart from a small number of plates prepared to his own order, most of Robijn's work cannot be said to be original: he issued Goos's charts and those of Roggeveen with a variety of texts by J. and C. Jacobsz (Lootsman), Arent Roggeveen and even John Seller with the result that analysis of the various issues cannot easily be simplified. Robijn's stock was eventually taken over by Johannes Loots. The brief details given below should be read in conjunction with our notes on Pieter Goos and Arent Roggeveen.
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Hoogheymraadschap van Rhynland. (Leiden?, 1685-1688). This large –scale map, compiled by Janz Douw and Steven van Brouchhuysen and engraved by Cornelis Danckerts, originally issued in 1647, was intended to be assembled into a wall-map in four series of three leaves. Between 1685 and 1688 the plates were brought up to date and the cartouche re-embellished by Romeyn de Hooghe and the map re-issued.


Springer, Johann Christoph Erich von.

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Encyclopédie ou dictionnaire universel raisonné des connaissances humaines.

Gulddistriktet Klondike - ca 1897.

Hans Burgkmaiers Turnier-Buch. - Frankfurt 1853.

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Biografiska uppgifter:Ca. 1607-50. Född och död i Amsterdam. c. 1606-50 JACOB JACOB5Z (LOOTSMAN) (son) d. 1679
Holländsk kartograf. Han var boktryckare och bokhandlare. 1648 gav han ut "t'Nieuw groot Straets-boeck, inhoudende d'Middelantse Zee". Efter sin död gav sonen Jacob Theunisz (se denne) ut "t'Nieuwe en vergroote Zeeboeck, dat is des Piloots ofte Lootsmans Zee-Spiegel, inhoud de Zee-kusten vande Noordsche, Oosterzee ende Westersche Schipvaert" (1653). Båda dessa atlaser kom senare i flera utgåvor. Anthonie Jacobsz founded a printing and publishing business in Amsterdam in which he specialized in the production of pilot books and sea atlases. As he died at a comparatively early age most of the numerous editions of his works appeared after his death published by his sons, Jacob and Caspar, who took the name 'Lootsman' (sea pilot) to distinguish them from another printer of the name Jacobsz. Following Blaeu and Colom, Anthonie Jacobsz was the most important compiler of sea charts in Amsterdam in the first half of the seventeenth century. In his new ZeeSpiegel issued in 1643 he increased the number of charts normally included in these books and enlarged them to folio size, which evidently proved popular. Editions in many forms appeared until 1715 and they were copied or reprinted by Pieter Goos, Hendrick Doncker and Jan Jansson, sometimes in competition with each other but usually in cooperation with the Lootsman brothers.
Bland arbeten:
t'Nieuw groot Straets-boeck, inhoudende d'Middelantse Zee. t'Nieuwe en vergroote Zeeboeck, dat is des Piloots ofte Lootsmans Zee-Spiegel, inhoud de Zee-kusten vande Noordsche, Oosterzee ende Westersche Schipvaert.
(Kleerkooper. - Phillips.)

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